NFC is an e-cigarette brand owned by Sailsors. The NFC R&D headquarters is located in Beijing, with a basic research department and an application R&D center. There are 7 core R&D engineers and more than 20 application development engineers, as well as 1,000 square meters of R&D and pilot workshops. In order to facilitate production management and user communication, NFC set up an vape factory and office in Shenzhen..

NFC has launched a total of 4 disposable pods in compliance with European policies in 2023.It has aroused market feedback from many customers in the market. Different from other brands of e-cigarettes, NFC is more cost-effective and practical, as well as its unique atomization technology, smooth airway, and maintaining the fidelity of the original taste, all of which have gained popularity in the market. Now we have exclusive agents in the UK, Germany, Poland, Italy and Spain. In 2024, we will open up more market agents in Europe and the United States. We look forward to you working with us to expand the market and create more value for users.

When the order is confirmed and 30% deposit is received,

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The full range of NFC brand disposable pod systems

Retail Support MOQ:1000pcs/mold

Wholesaler Suppot MOQ: 5000pcs/mold

Regional exclusive agent Suppot:10000pcs/mold

Please complete the wholesale agent application form and provide necessary company information.
Our sales representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Yes The full range of NFC pod vapes supports OEM services and provides professional brand support, MOQ:10000set

NFC has strong R&D and design capabilities, an advanced mold factory, a fully automatic dust-free atomization workshop and an advanced e-cigarette production line, and has the mature conditions to provide you with ODM.

We take every customer’s recognition seriously and promote our efforts in the local market. While providing the best quality products, we are willing to support customers unlimitedly. Customers only need to provide basic company information and website, as well as monthly sales volume. We are willing to provide minimum MOQ supports customers to expand markets.


We promise a 6-month warranty for all NFC brand products. If there is any vape product quality problem (except for man-made damage), we will replace it with a new product of the same quantity and send it together with the next order.

Based on the Juice Bullet, a split cigarette cartridge can be realized, allowing the atomizer core and the oil tank to be separated, thereby achieving a replaceable oil tank. No need to change the core when changing oil, saving more costs. Different oil tank designs for different flavors..

1. Brand new category, redefined product definition.
2. Changed the division of labor in the e-cigarette industry.
3. The oil is not affected by the temperature change of the atomization core, there is no repeated heating, and the taste stability is good.
4. Can be closed or refillable pod
5. The equipment can be sold separately, and customers can choose their own e-liquid.

Mature mainstream sealing technology is adopted: the tin foil hot pressing process is filled with nitrogen to lock in freshness, and the coil less tank is encapsulated.

Blow molded bottles eliminate the problem of oil leakage, have a visible coil-less tank, oil change without core change,no silicone seals, are not affected by air pressure changes, are small in size, low in cost, do not deteriorate, do not smell, do not waste a drop of oil, and have large storage capacity. It is convenient and safe to transport, keeps the e-liquid fresh, extends the shelf life, and will not be affected by the anti-smoking policies of various countries.

Disadvantages of oil storage cotton: 20% of the oil is wasted, it is easy to deteriorate and smell, it will change color over time, cannot be fully absorbed, serious oil leakage, and high cost

1 Low cost. For smoking users, the cost is lower than that of reloading pod and disposable. It is currently the lowest cost product on the vape market.
2. The taste is stable. After the large-mouth product exceeds 8ml, the taste will be affected by the condensate flowing back into the oil tank. The taste of e-liquid mixed with condensate will naturally deteriorate. By changing the tank, the impact of condensate can be controlled in one oil tank.
3.Small size. The number of Puffs has nothing to do with the volume. Each person can smoke up to 2ml of e-liquid a day. There is no need to hold a big device filled with e-liquid every day. It also allows users to visible control the amount of smoking.
4. More convenient than oil filling type. The refueling type requires the user to carry a refill bottle, and the device and hands are easily stained with e-liquid. The oil tank-changing type is plug-and-play, which is more convenient..