NFC VAPE Juice Bullet and the ELFBAR AF5000

Following MARH and TPD regulations, the NFC VAPE Juice Bullet and the ELFBAR AF5000 are two of the major vape products on the market right now specializing in offering a larger quantity of puffs. With Juice Bullet, NFC offers distribution and OEM services, while ELFBAR only distributes its products via its own sales network.

The ELF Bar AF5000 is powered by a 650mAh rechargeable battery, providing 600 puffs per charge. Unlike traditional disposable vapes

Both the Juice Bullet and the AF5000 share similar design concepts, allowing users to attach a 10 ml e-liquid tank to their vape kits. The Juice Bullet vape kits come with a built-in 1.8 ml pod, while the AF5000 vape kits come with a built-in pod that is 2 ml. Both products have a separate, 10 ml e-liquid tank that attaches to their vape kits. But the difference between the two designs is that the tank of AF5000 is inserted to the bottom of the kit, while the Juice Bullet tank is slotted in from the top of the kit.


The differences between the two products continue when looking at similar vape types.
The Juice Bullet offers the option to vape with both disposable and replaceable vape kits, while the AF5000 solely offers a disposable option. While the AF5000 has a more powerful (650 mA) battery and comes in a durable aluminum case, the Juice Bullet has a unique, transparent tank design, which makes it easy to monitor usage. Juice Bullet users can also use up to three reloadable 10 ml e-liquid tanks, bringing a larger amount of puffs with the 30 ml total.

Experience the new high in vaping with Elf Bar AF5000. This high puff TPD compliant vape offers you an impressive 5000 puffs for a smooth and lasting vape

Both vape companies have patent-pending designs on their products, likely making it harder for other companies to emulate. The Juice Bullet technology has undergone so much development that it would be hard to emulate even without patent protection.

For further comparisons between each product, consider these technical details.

Feature Juice Bullet AF5000
Puffs (1 tank) 8000 5000
Heating Elements Coil mesh QUAQ Mesh
Resistance 1.1Ω X 2 1.0Ω
Battery 550mAh 650mAh
Adjustable Airflow Yes No
Vape Types Disposable or replaceable Disposable only
Dimensions 59X44X25mm 93X40X20mm
Materials PCTG PCTG
Safety Lock Inclusion Yes No
Flavour Number 20 29


In January 2024, the UK took steps towards the banning of disposable vape systems. At the moment, it is unclear whether this new regulation will have any impact on the distribution of AF5000 vapes. Whatever the outcome of this new regulation is, it’s likely that both the Juice Bullet and AF5000 will continue to be influential across the vaping world.

The Tobacco Elf Bar AF5000 Rechargeable Disposable Vape is tailored for extended vaping sessions with its impressive 5000-puff capacity

If disposable vape kits are banned, NFC VAPE will still be able to provide users the option to vape with refillable or replaceable vape tank kits. As mentioned earlier, both the Juice Bullet and AF5000 have separate tanks that directly attach to their vape kits. These designs come at a lower cost than replaceable vape pod kits, and are easier to use than refillable ones. Both products meet the growing demand for a more significant number of puffs coupled with user-friendly designs while keeping production costs lower.


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