Introducing Juice Bullet 30 ML/24000 Puffs:

Currently, there are 3 standard vape types on the market:

  1. Disposable Vapes: saturated cotton is widely used in disposable vapes to store the e-liquid and prevent leaking
  2. Refillable Vapes: open pod vapes where users can refill their own tanks
  3. Replaceable Vapes: closed pod vapes where users can replace their Pre-filled pods

Different from the above 3 vape types, NFC VAPE has developed another type of vape system, the newest advancement to the growing vape market. Inspired by the design of coffee pods and capsules, NFC has created replaceable pod tanks without heating elements or coils, called Juice Bullets. This patent pending Juice Bullet system offers a new and innovative way to vape, promising a minimum of 30 ml/24000 puffs per single use of the vape kit.

Following TPD regulations, the capacity of each newly designed NFC pod tank, Juice Bullet, is 10 ml. The new design can easily attach to its vape kits.

This revolutionary vape tank design has broken through the 3 barriers in standard vape technology:

First, compared to other cotton vape kits, Juice Bullet is unique in that it does not use cotton, which can cause a build-up of residue. This means that there are 20% more puffs per use.In addition, there is no need to replace the atomizer with every use of a tank, you can easily use up to 30 ml Juice Bullets, which will give 24,000 puffs while also making its vape kits more compact as well. The easy-to-monitor e-liquid design means it does not require any additional battery power to check the usage.

Secondly, compared to replaceable vape pod kits, individual Juice Bullets are sealed e-liquid containers which are separate from each heating element or coil. This design prevents any leaking, which keeps the e-liquid fresh when not slotted into the pod vape system.

Lastly, compared to open pod systems, the new NFC coil-less tank design helps reduce the frequent refilling typically associated with standard refillable vape kits. Slot the 10 ml Juice Bullet into the NFC vape system, and your vape tank could last up to one week, depending on usage.

With the latest breakthrough designs, the Juice Bullet system will change the way you think about vaping: lower manufacturing costs, higher product quality and enhanced vaping experience.

When replacing a Juice Bullet, there is no need to replace the atomizer or battery at the same time, this helps cut down any added material in production, which keeps costs lower than most vape products on the market. Sealed e-liquid containers, Juice Bullets are separated from each heating element which keeps the liquid fresh while preventing any leaks.

This new vape technology ensures that e-liquid flavor stays consistent throughout the use of every 30 ml. The replaceable Juice Bullet design limits any condensation build-up in the tank, which might affect the vape flavor.

This revolutionary design is sure to shake up the vape industry. The Juice Bullet technology will be an influential system across the vape market. For example, existing vape companies can use the Juice Bullet technology to fill their own e-liquid containers, which can then be sold and attached to their own vape kits.

NFC has developed this new Juice Bullet technology. With this technology, users have the option to vape with whatever their preferred vape kit design is: disposal, refillable and replaceable.

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